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Copper Bar

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Copper Bar
Category: Resource
Tier: 1
Research Cost: 55
Research Prerequisite: Obtain Copper Ore.
Device Required: Furnace.png
Used In: CopperDoor.png Floor-1-copper.png Pillar-grid-copper.png Wall-floor-2-copper.png Wall pannels 1 copper.png ElectricCables.png IronDoor.png Pipe.png PowerGenerator.png WorkBench.png Table2.png Lantern.png SteelBar.png Powergauge.png Switch.png Switch2.png CeilingLamp.png WoodHatch.png Button.png PlatinumBar.png ElectricRotor.png

Your first basic metal, congratulations.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Counts towards unlocking new research.