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Types of Devices[edit | edit source]

There is quite a wide variety of items that fall under the Device category. There are Crafting Stations, Power Generation Stations, Power Storage Stations, Personal Utility Devices and more.

Crafting Devices[edit | edit source]

Some crafting Devices such as the Combinator and Furnace do not require any power to operate, the Combinator itself actually generates a small amount of power.

The others such as the Workbench or the Smelter and most of the other require that you power them before they become usable. Initially you will need to power your Workbench by placing a Socket and running a cable from the Combinator to the Socket and then another cable to the Workbench.

Once this is done you can begin progressing towards more advanced crafting stations.

Power Generation Devices[edit | edit source]

There are a number of devices that are used to generate Power for your base. The Power Generator is the first that you will create. Once placed and turned on connect it to your Base's wiring and it will help power everything connected to that wiring system. There are more advanced generators further into the game.

There is a good guide on Wiring found here:

Darkout Wiring Tips

Power Storage Devices[edit | edit source]

There are a few items as well as an Energy Storage Bank That will either store power or provide power for your Personal utility items.

Battery and Anti-Matter can be used as Ammo for the Laser Gun, as well as can be put into your Accessory slots for power your Suits, Weapons built in Flashlights. Careful as Death will drain half of whatever available power is in your Battery.

The Power Gauge will allow you to monitor your current power on hand, you generation and your usage.

Personal Utility Devices[edit | edit source]

There are a few Devices that I would further categorize as Personal Utility. There are the Booster Boots that will allow for a double jump to gain additional height. These should only activate on the downward arc of your first jump.

The Jetpack allows for sustained flight but also requires Fuel. Carefull bumping your head on things hurts. Having a Fuel Tank in you inventory is important as the Jetpack will automatically refuel itself with the available Fuel.

There are a few other devices that fall into this category as well, the Re-Breather and the Aqua-Pack can be quite useful as well.

Crafting Materials[edit | edit source]

There are a few other devices in this category that only serve as materials to create more complex devices, such as the Pressure Casing. Some of these such as the Spark Plug can only be found by salvaging Scrap found around the world, or in Event Chests that spawn randomly.

Wiring and Electrical[edit | edit source]

There are a few devices that are used to provide power to your various crafting stations and lights. The Socket while actually in the Building category will allow for multiple branching wire connections so as to power multiple devices and Lights.

The Wire Pole allows for longer cable runs without having to bury the wire or place wall tiles. Pretty much your standard Power pole.

Various switches will allow for cutting power to certain Lights or stations the Wall Switch is just one of them.

Again more information can be found in the Darkout Wiring Tips guide.

List of Devices[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Tier Research Cost Description
Electrolyser Electrolyser.png 7 3000 This machine forms part of your workshop and you will need it to create more advanced gear
Hover Sled Mk1 Sled a icon.png 3 290 Sledges are used as mobile storage as well as creating moving platforms and lifts
Furnace Furnace.png 1 100 Your first device for smelting metal bars.
Combinator Combinator.png The most valuable device you will ever have, it slices, it dices and also serves as a small Power source.
Wall Power Switch Switch2.png 3 150 Used to turn on and off power on various devices.
Workbench WorkBench.png 2 250 Used for assembling some of your equipment
Chemical Dispenser ChemicalDispenser.png 3 A cool decorative dispenser for your lab/workshop.
Chem-Lab ChemLab.png 3 350 Time to mix up some chemicals. Don't blow yourself up.
Dynamo Dynamo.png 2 155 You will find these lying around in the world and they are used in some of your more advanced gear.
Energy Storage Bank EnergyBank.png 5 500 These are used to store power in your base, handy for when the generator runs out of fuel.
Extraction Table ExtractionTable.png 5 500 When you are running out of parts you can use this to salvage some from your existing Items.
Wire Pole Wirepole 1.png 3 200 Place these outside to light your way and don't forget to connect them with power cables.
Underwater Propulsion UnderwaterPropulsion.png 7 Like the jet pack, this device is used to travel faster underwater. Shark!
Modulator Modulator.png 4 525 A piece of technology left over from the previous inhabitants. It modulates frequencies, energy etc. Used in crafting as a ingredient.
Floor Power Switch Switch.png 3 150 You can use a switch to activate circuits and doors.
Fusion Device FusionDevice.png 8 A high powered energy creation device
Smelter Smelter.png 3 350 Used to melt down the more advanced metals as well as reclaiming metal from crafted items.
Sled - Mark 2 Sled b icon.png 6 It has larger storage capacity than the first sled and is more energy efficient. Used as mobile storage and for creating elevators and moving platforms.
Sled Node SledNode off.png 4 400 Use two sled nodes to create a path that a Sled can travel in between, this is how you create elevators and bridges.
Sink Decor sink.png 3 Every mad scientist needs to clean their hands every once in a while.
Sled Dock SledDock.png 4 400 A sled dock is a homing beacon for your sled as well as a recharge point.
Jet Pack Jet pack.png 6 Tired of walking? With one one of these babies you'll be able to go where you have never gone before
Power Generator PowerGenerator.png 2 250 You will need a generator to power your base and all of it's equipment. You will need a few of these or the lights may go out.
Power Gauge Powergauge.png 3 350 Description coming soon.
Lab Machine Decor labmachine.png 3 A cool decorative Lab Machine for your lab/workshop
Lab Pipes Decor labPipes 01.png 3 Some cool decorative pipes for your lab/workshop
Lab Table Decor labTable.png 3 A cool decorative table for your lab/workshop
Molder Molder.png 3 350 Scully would be very proud if she could see this awesome piece of machinery. I think I still have his skull in a chest somewhere.
Motor Motor.png 3 A motor to power devices.
Elevator Elevator.png 2 200 Used on elevator rails to ascend or descend. Useful for deep excavations or for high-rises.
Electro Anti-Grav ElectroAntiGrav.png 3 Don't throw these away, you will need them later. They are used in the creation of Hover Sleds.
Hover Sled Mk2 [[File:]] 6 700 It has larger storage capacity than the first sled and is more energy efficient, is used as mobile storage and for creating elevators and moving platforms.
Elevator Rails ElevatorRail.png 2 160 Place these rails to use elevators.
Portable Power Device PortablePowerDevice.png 4 550 Developed to provide energy to equipment in the field, place this device next to anything that requires power and hook it up with a power cable. Remember to recharge it using batteries or you may just be caught with you? lights off!.
Receiver Receiver.png 5 450
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