Iron Bar

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Iron Bar
Category: Resource
Subcategory: Metal
Tier: 2
Research Cost: 260
Research Prerequisite: Research CopperBar.png and obtain IronOre.png
Device Required: Furnace.png
Components: IronOre.png
Used In: Floor-1-iron.png Pillar-grid-iron.png IronDoor.png Pipe.png Wall lights Cyan.png PowerGenerator.png Socket.png WorkBench.png Metal closet.png Bucket metal2.png Hero leather suit3 body.png Hero leather suit3 legs.png Axe2.png Pickaxe2.png Shovel2.png Sledgehammer2.png MetalDoor.png SteelBar.png ChemLab.png Molder.png Smelter.png CeilingLamp1.png CeilingLamp2.png ChestMetal.png Hero thick armor body.png Hero thick armor legs.png Hero thick armor2 body.png Hero thick armor2 legs.png MetalHatch.png Bullet.png Flashlight.png Hero thick armor3 body.png Hero thick armor3 legs.png

Stronger than copper and much shinier.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Counts toward unlocking new research.

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